Teen Challenge Vermont Women | The Plan
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The Plan


With overdose on the rise and women’s rights being violated every day, Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey eagerly anticipates the opening of a Vermont’s Women’s Home for adult women. This home will address the overlap of addiction, coercion into sex slavery, and/or other life controlling issues.

In light of the fact that there are presently no Christ centered recovery/discipleship programs for women in the state of Vermont, and as the results of years of faithful praying, God has answered the cry for help. As of January 1,2018, one of our current locations for men will be converted to provide the help and care for the women of Vermont.

We have now begun a fundraising campaign to provide for some of the necessary needs and renovations to best serve our women. We will also be working hard to make provision for the men who will be affected by the change. Last and most importantly, we call for people who will pray with us for God’s favor to rest on this work.

Executive Director Richard Welch of the Vermont and Connecticut men’s   campuses will give leadership to this exciting new development for the state of Vermont.

If you would like to join this most important effort:


Thank You!